Freitag, 27. Januar 2012


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Yemen vs. Australia (U23 / 0:3) | 2012 Olympics Qualifiers | 2011 in Australia

Finally I got a Yemen shirt :) As far as I know for now I am the first collector who was able to make a contact to the Yemen. I sent a mail to the "German House" in Sanaa to get into contact here. They told me that all Germans left Sanaa right now, because of the Arabic Revolution. So they get me into contact with the only one left in the German House. A young Yemeni who grew up in Germany and works as a trainee there. He is very friendly and was really willing to help. So he checked 10 sport shops in Sanaa to find any shirts for me. Unfortnately most of them were closed due to the demonstrations and the most only sold fakes.
It was pretty hard to communicate with him, because internet in even energy supply is really bad in Sanaa these days. There are camel caravans that go to the city to sell wood to heat up the houses, as the energy supply breaks down every second day.
This is not normal for Sanaa, but in those troubling times there is nothing normal for them.
When my friend finally got the shirts and wanted to post them to me the post offices was closed because there was a demonstration just in front of the building. So it took another week until he was finally able to send those shirts.
I am pretty happy to get them now and I am really thankful for this guy helping me so much with this shirt !
He really deserves a big thank as he risked his health a couple of times for those catches.

About the shirt itself I cannot say as much. It is a Umbro template with the FA badge on it. You can see the red shirt above (and the shorts) and you can see more pictures of both shirts on
It is a bit funny that they seem to wear this template in different colors and combinations. In the above picture they wear the red shirt and the red shorts. On match pictures they wear the white and red shirts only with the white shorts. And on an Arabic page, that my Yemeni friend sent me, you can see they also got a white/green shirt of the same template:
All in all Yemens obviously love this template of a shirt and I love to hold it in my hands now :)


  1. Fantastic to see, as ever with your collection. The guy who helped you is really a hero. Great to know there are people like that who will help us with the challenge!

  2. This is what I want. You lucky dog.