Dienstag, 13. September 2011


Unknown player
Albania 2004 - 2006

I got this boring Albania shirt from ebay for 30 € and I got another for my friend Oliver. They seem to be official and they feel very nice wearing it, but they are quite boring in design. Albania is one of the countries Germany has not the best memories to. In 1968 Germany did not qualify for a European Cup for the first and single one because they played only 0:0 against Albania. This game is historically know as the "Schmach von Tirana" in Germany.


  1. Hi. Nice shirt! I wonder if you could tell me where you bought it.
    Nice collection by the way, you have amazing shirts. I'm Oliver's friend too and you can see here my collection: https://picasaweb.google.com/esolorio
    Feel free to add comments!
    Regards from Mexico!

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  3. Hi there do you want to swap this shirt i can offer you Mexico Jamaica Argentina and much more

  4. Hello Nardi,

    please send me an email:

    It is probably the best way to communicate about a swap ;)