Samstag, 22. Juli 2017

Azerbaijan 2

Sadig Guliyev (FK Zira)
vs. Cameroon (0:0) | Islamic Solidarity Games 2017 in Baku
Azerbaijan... A country I am officially blacklisted in. A country that put me on a "Persona non gratae" list, because I travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh, a region claimed, but not controlled by, Azerbaijan. The land of Fire in a very literal meaning sometimes.
However, I still love Azerbaijan in a way - as I love all of the Caucasus. I have been to the Caucasus two times in my life and will hopefully return later this year. Just a magical region! I never wanted to go to Azerbaijan, but now, I would love to - and can't. Bitter!

Anyways, let's keep politics out and discuss football instead. The shirt is simple, but very elegant and beautiful. While I hate plain shirts in general, Umbro is always making an exception. They are just doing plain and brilliant shirts!
I got this shirt from my mate Chris, who sold all the shirts that don't fit him lately. The shirt is probably matchworn by some youth national team and thus ticks off Azerbaijan on my matchworn list finally. Thanks Chris!

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