Samstag, 22. Juli 2017


Rudolf Bester (Orlando Pirates | South Africa)
Ronald Ketjijere (Univesity of Pretoria | South Africa)
Unknown matc
I had exactly the same Namibia shirt before, but this one has a name-print and might actually be matchworn or issued by Rudolf Bester, who is one of the best footballers of Namibia.
The shirt again found its way to me through Chris, who again got it from another Chris years ago. A brilliant shirt and even better with a name like "Bester", which means Best in German.

(Remark: I have and had doubts about the shirt being matchworn, as usually they use much bigger numbers and Bester often had different numbers. However, as the above two pics prove the number size may vary and Bester had the number 15 at times)

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