Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Romania 5

Paul Codrea (AS Siena | Italy)
vs. Belarus (3:1) | EC2008 qualifier | 2007 in Belarus, player Paul Codrea (AS Siena)
And just another Romania shirt! Again matchworn and again worn by the legendary Dorinel Munteanu. This time, additionally, he signed the shirt as well. And this, at least for me, is the ultimate shirt condition: matchworn, with patches and signed by the player who wore it (not the whole squad, please).
Again the shirt came from a German ebay seller selling off his whole collection for not more than 50€ and again he got it straight from Dorinel, who lived and played for Cologne forever.
This shirt is very special in another way: It was worn in the very last competitve match Dorinel ever played for Romania at an age of 39. The only match following was a friendly in Germany.
Surely, this one is another highlight of my whole collection and I still cannot believe how lucky I was meeting that incredible ebay seller!

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