Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Greece 2

Christos Patsazoglou (Olympiakos)
vs. Germany (2:4) | WC 2002 qualifer | 2001 in Germany
Another shirt that looks dull to boring on the first view, but is absolutely amazing to me personally. The main reason is that still my personal Holy Grail is a matchworn Klose shirt from his second ever national team match - a 4:2 qualifier win over Greece. As you might have guessed, this shirt comes from exactly the same match! I got this shirt from a football-business-involved ebay seller, who sold multiple matchworn shirts months ago.
The shirt was worn by Christos Patsazoglou, one of those old-fashioned defenders in the Greece squad. Luckily Christos could not help his team to avoid the 4 goals against his team as this crucial win was extremely important for the struggling German team at this time.
Finally, this is of course the first matchworn Greece national team shirt I do have and thus is a perfect addition to my collection!

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