Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Romania 4

Viorel Moldova (Grashoppers | Switzerland)
vs. Lithuania (1:0) | WC 1998 qualifier | 1997 in Lithuania
Finally a matchworn Romania shirt! Well, I had one alread, but this one beats the old one by far, of course.
Again it came from a German ebay seller, who got rid off his collection and again it only cost me 50€. He got the shirt from Dorinel Munteanu, or the "everlasting Dorinel" as they call him in Cologne.
You can find the shirt everyone on the internet and especially on ebay (not matchworn, though), but it was ridicolously hard to find a picture of it in use. After hours of watching every bloody WC 1998 qualifier match of Romania on youtube I have to come to the conclusion that the shirt was only ever worn in a single match: In a qualifier match in Lithuania, which Romania closely won thanks to Moldovas (not the whole country) goal.
Unfortunately, this shirt also proofs that there is something wrong with my "Romania 3" shirt - I will look deeper into this the following days to find out if it is a simple fake or a legit fan shop version.

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  1. Hello, I am from Romania . Would you ever be interested in selling this shirt ? Or at least another romanian one