Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Denmark 3

Dennis Rommedahl (Ajax | Netherlands)
vs. Japan (1:3) | WC2010 in South Africa,
Denmark is one of those countries in World Football I absolutely have no emotions for for some reasons. I never cheer for or against them, but see them totally neutral. Actually I do not care too much about them.
Still, I had to get this amazing matchworn and signed shirt of Per Kroldrup as it was for sale cheaply for only 50€ by a German ex-collector.
I am not sure from which match exactly the shirt and I got crazy over searching pictures of Kroldrup wearing the number 2, so I simply decided to tuck in some picture of the shirt in use. The picture is from one of those matches were Denmark played an uninspirational, not to say boring, football in the South African World Cup in 2010.

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