Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015


Mapuche during the 2015 CSANF Cup in Chile
This shirt is so special in so many ways. You just have to love it.
Within CONIFA we always found it hard to get properly linked to South America, but felt that this can be one of the most interesting continents for us with all the different indigenous groups living there.
For that reason I asked Jens, a fellow football shirt collector from Germany, if he would like to get South America director of CONIFA. He agreed and was quite instantly sent over to Chile to meet the CSANF, their staff, and to attend their 2015 Indigenous Cup in Southern Chile.
As far as I know he had a great time over there and did a huge job for CONIFA by bringing the Aymara team to the 2016 World Football Cup.
Besides that he got 3 shirts as a gift from the teams - Aymara, Mapuche and Rapa Nui, and was so nice to give me this amazing shirt.
I have never heard of the company Krop before and the quality is - simple, but given its extremely rareness and the struggle that was needed to get it (in fact flying over to Chile!) I absolutely love it.
And of course the design is incredible as well!

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