Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Belarus 4-11

Vitali Kutuzov (Parma FC, Italy)
vs. Andorra (3:1), WC 2010 qualifiers, 2008 in Andorra

Aleksandr Martynovich (FC Krasnodar, Russia)
vs. France (1:1) - Euro 2012 qualifiers, 2011 in Belarus
Sergei Kornilenko (Sovetov Samara, Russia)
vs. Georgia (0:1), WC 2014 qualifier, 2012 in Georgia

Aleksandr Martynovich (FC Krasnodar, Russia)
vs France (1-3), WC 2014 qualifier, 2012 in France

Yuri Zhevnov (Zenit St Petersburg, Russia)
Unknown match

Syarhey Vyeramko (Sovetov Samara, Russia)
vs Georgia (0-1), WC 2014 qualifiers, 2012 in Georgia

Yuri Zhevnov (Zenit St. Petersburg, Russia)

vs Bulgaria (1-2), friendly match 2014, in Bulgaria
Sorry guys, but I was just too lazy to write 7 texts about my 7 new Belarus shirts, most of which are matchworn.
However, surely this is absolutely uber-amazing. I just bought a bunchload of Belarus shirts straight from the FA kitsman. Well, not I did, but my mate Murad from Minsk. Murad, you are truly a superstar for all shirt collectors out there! I mean who else ever sourced more than 50 (!) football shirts straight from any FA ?
I absolutely love every single of those amazing shirts and thus will probably keep of all them, even though they don't get me much further in my mission.
Unfortunately I was pretty bad in searching pics. Should you be able to find better pics, especially one of the right player in the right shirt with the right number on please let me know.

Thanks again Murad for all your work, even though you only "earned" a large coke with all that. I will never forget you that and surely owe you one!