Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015


Luis Gatty Ribeiro (Bolivar)
vs. Columbia (4;0) | WC 2006 qualifiers | 2003 in Bolivia

Honestly, I do not remember where I got this shirt. I think I got it from ebay for as little as 10€, but I am not entirely sure anymore.
The shirt is as simple as most of the Bolivia shirts are unfortunately. However, it does have some very small details, like the yellow and red stripes, that make it adorable.
Unfortunately my shirt does have a patch saying "Eliminatorias 2006" and I am not sure if this is legit in any way. However, at least the shirts seems totally legit to me.
The match picture above shows probably one of the biggest win of Bolivia ever, a 4:0 win against Columbia in the World Cup qualifiers for 2006. Unfortunately in the end Bolivia could not travel to Germany to play the World Cup again.

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