Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015


Shane Mottley (Notre Dame SC)
Barbados - WC2014 qualifier
Finally I can tick off another box on my list! This Barbados shirt of the latest design was again sourced by the CONCACAF shirt magician Eric from Canada and came to me via Nick.
Barbados is not really known for being a football superpower and except for captain Emmerson Boyce (Wigan) no Barbados player was able to play on a top level abroad. Most of the current squad still plays in the local Barbados Premier Division, most for "Paradise" or the "Defense Force".

The shirt itself is quite nice as it is made up of ultra-bright colours, which makes it look very much like a warn vest.. But in a nice way of course.
Should you be in love with Barbados, but not be able to source their shirt, I would personally recommend to buy a Ukraine shirt, which seems to be their non-Caribbean "twin". You will have all the same features in the end: yellow/blue in colour and a trident on the chest.

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