Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015


Divok Origi (OSC Lille, France)
vs Russia (1;0), WC 2014 in Brazil
Finally I got this absolute beauty of a Belgium shirt. Until today I only found on ebay either damnly ugly older Belgium shirts or those new ones for prices too high for me.
One day, when I browsed the internet for a North Korea shirt, I found a Swiss shop I never heard of before: SoccerSport
The North Korea shirt was out of stock, but they had quite a few other nice shirts for absolutely unbelievable prices. This included Honduras shirts for as little as 9€ each and the yellow third Belgium shirt for 25€.
I took two different Honduras shirts and the Belgium one and quite soon got an email saying:
"Sorry, but we do not have one of the Honduras shirts you chose and the Belgium shirt you chose in your size anymore. You can either have them in S or XXL or we can offer you to send you the latest Honduras and Belgium shirts in your size - of course without any additional costs".
So after firstly being disappointed about the mistakes in the online shop I was absolutely amazed by their very amazing offer and of course agreed on that. 2 weeks later I had this beauty of a shirt in my mailbox.
So please guys, don't miss to check out SoccerSport, a new and small shop with a great service!

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