Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Argentina 2

Gabriel Batistuta (Fiorentina, Italy)
vs. England (2:-2 aet, 4:3 pen), World Cup 1998 in France

This shirt might not be the shining star within my collection, but surely the story behind it is absolutely awesome! I am a member of a German football shirt collectors group on Facebook and most of its users are well aware that I am the "national team freak".
One day, out of nothing, a guy wrote me a message asking for my address. I have never spoken to him before and was a bit confused about that. Asking why he needs my address he said "I do have an old Argentina shirt I do need anymore. I am not that keen to put it on ebay and sell it for a tenner. I would enjoy to gift it to you as I know that it is in the best place then."
Wow! So that stranger to me just send me this Argentina shirt for free, just because he likes my collection.
He does not want to be named here, but I want to thank him anyways, even though anonymous.

So the shirt might be less spectacular looking, it might just be from a team that beat England in penalties (who did not?), but still it will hold a special place within my collection!

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