Dienstag, 21. April 2015


 And another shirt I somehow forget to add. Again no idea why. Maybe because I absolutely dislike the Uruguay national team, even though I am pretty fascinated of the country and very keen to visit it.
However, the team itself is for me the total role model for anti-football. Different to all other South American team the Uruguayan team seems to hate playing football and prefers kicking and tackling the shit out of everyone else and - if not even that helps - bite or handle the ball on the line. As a huge fan of African football and the Ghana Black Stars of 2010 I will never be able to forgive them that they cheated Ghana and stole their well-deserved semi-final.
All my thanks for this plain, but beautiful, shirt go to Chris, my fellow German national team collector.
It is always a pleasure to tick off another box and so I really appreciate your help with that one!

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