Montag, 6. April 2015


Marcelo Díaz (FC Basel | Switzerland)
Chile vs. Ecuador (2:1) | WC 2014 qualifiers | 2014 in Chile

Finally another CONMEBOL shirt! All my thanks for this beauty of a shirt go to Chris, my German fellow collector, who was unlucky enough to draw me in another round of "secret santa", which we organised for Easter. He prayed to draw anyone else as he has a pile of club shirts he is selling anyways, but was unlucky to draw me and wanted to add a new country to my blog by all means.
Somehow he was able to sort out this great Chile shirt, which even fits me, for me. I really appreciate to finally do another step forward and not another second, third or fifth shirt of a team to my blog and of course I even more appreciate the amazing effort of Chris. Thanks mate!

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