Montag, 20. April 2015

Finland 2

Antti Okkonen (Landskrona BolS, Sweden)
Finland vs. Sweden (1:3)
friendly 2004 in Sweden
Yes, I know. I do have a Finland shirt already. And I even do have a player issue super duper Finland shirt already. However, I had to get this one as well. Why ? Because I got a cheap access to it for approximately 20€ (shipping included) from a good friend in Austria. Because it has the older, much better, Finland crest. And in the end, just because I love it.
Even though one is labeled S it still suits me like a potatoe bag (do you say that in English?). But well, that is the costs you pay if you get a shirt from mid-2000s.
Thanks Simon for this beauty of a shirt. I really love it and it is probably even the favorite of the three shirts I got from you in the little bundle.

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