Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014


Zimbabwe vs. Tanzania (0:1) | AFCON 2015 qualifiers | 2014 in Tanzania
Thanks a lot again to Nick for selling me this amazing shirt. I also have to apologize to all the readers of my blog as I did lie a little bit to everyone about Zimbabwe. In fact the ones listed here under "Zimbabwe" and "Zimbabwe 2" are not in my collection anymore. As they were identically I swapped away the not matchissued one first. Later I went to the Isle of Man and couchsurfed there. My host was a very nice Zimbabwean-born guy and I somehow felt that I should give him a guest present, which was the story how the matchissued one left me.
So now I can finally sleep good enough as "ticking off" Zimbabwe is finally justified again!

The design of the shirt is a typical one for Umbro. I am not the biggest fan to be fair as it is a bit too plain for me. But the colours and the logo especially are amazing.
So to sum up - I am absolutely happy with that shirt and Nick's amazing job - like always - to source it!

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