Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014


Norway 2010
Yes, I am the worst photographer ever! I know! But it is winter over here, light is crap and it is not even my camera I use. So please apologize that again! I am working on getting new equipment soon enough hopefully to do more professional pictures and restart the whole blog on wordpress then!

But let me speak about the shirt. As I said I am not the biggest fan of those plain as hell Umbro design. Besides that I think you cannot be more boring than just using your flag instead or as the FA logo.
So this shirt, in my opinion, shines mainly through the abscence of all creativity. It is the plainest and most unspectacular shirt out there and even worse all Norway home shirts from the last 200 years all look like that!

But there is a lot of positive about this shirt, too. It is squad signed for example. Including Tom Hogli, the great former captain of the Sapmi national team. Besides that it came for a very fair price of 28€ including shipment from an Austrian collector.
Last but not least such a signed shirt is surely a good way to tick off another team from the list of missing shirts. So after all I am more than happy to call that one my own now.

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