Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone vs. Cameroon (0:0) | AFCON 2015 qualifier | 2014 in Cameroon
Another shirt I got from Nick is this Sierra Leone one. It is, like my South Sudan shirts, made by the Australia-based supplier AMS that specializes on African teams.

In general the shirt is great and I love the little ethno design stripes a lot. So again the designers of AMS did a proper job. But it also raises 2 questions:
1. Why does the new Sierra Leone logo have 5 stars ? What do they stand for ? I could only find out that they won the Amilcar Cabral Cup 2 times. But what do the other ones symbolize ? Surely it is not the number of World Cups won or even African Cups.
2. Dear AMS: Why do you print through the blue stripe in the middle of the shirt on the replicas ? That devaluates the shirt a lot to me as the design is not 100% as the players shirts (where the stripe is broken for the number). Besides that it is probably even more expensive for you to print more of the material, isn't it ?
So, please, for your next shirts, just do the replica as the original shirts.

Nevertheless Luke, the owner of AMS, is doing well with his approach to help the smaller African FAs and I really hope that he can continue that glorious way!

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