Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Guinea Bissau 2


Guinea Bissau vs. Botswana (0:2) | AFCON 2014 qualifier in Botswana
First of all I need to apologize for those poor quality pics. Unfortunaltey, as a totally bad photographer, I was unable to capture all the beauty of this neon shirt.
For the shirt itself I need to thank Nick and Adrian who somehow where able to source those shirts from Roly, the manufacturer, after some weeks of teamwork.
Thanks to those beauties I now do have 3 different Guinea Bissau shirts and one of them even came with a shorts, so all I am missing to start for one of the lower ranked teams in Africa is the right passport.
The "Djurtos" might not be the best national team and indeed the never qualified, but they are getting better every year through great cooperations with the Portuguese football clubs so it would not be the biggest surprise would they qualify at least for an African Cup soon.

The shirt itself is fantastic! There are just way too less neon shirts around. I always regret a bit that I did gave Joe the only one I ever really had - a Tajikistan shirt - and did keep a boring design myself. But now I can finally call a luminous and overly great neon shirt my own! :)


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  2. That Tajikistan shirt is possibly my favourite in my entire collection so know very much that I appreciate the hell out of that one mate :-)

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