Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014


Comoros 2014
Yes indeed, I got a Comoros shirt! The Comoros are - in national team shirt collection - something like the holy grail. It is definitely one of the 5 most rare shirts in the world and in fact I only ever saw one legit Comoros shirt in any collection so far - unsurprisingly this is Nick of course.
The shirt itself is... well, boring. It is a plain white shirt with a fancy green triangle on only one side on the bottom. There is no supplier on the shirt at all but a very cool looking logo of the Comoros FA.
Unfortunatel I was not able to find a picture of this shirt in use, but at least I found a picture of the home version of the same design, which was worn end of 2011 in a match agains Mozambique to qualify for the African Cup of Nations.
The shirt came to me from a Comorian football legend. No, not a player or coach, but the only sport journalists from the little island nation. His name is Elie Djouma and fantastically he is doing a blog about sport on the Comoros, which makes the Comoros one of the better covered nations of the "little" ones in Africa. While it is impossible to find out anything about football in Sao Tome and Principe or Madagascar it is easily accessible for the Comoros thanks to him. Find the blog here !
The way I got this shirt was thrilling and I nearly gave up a couple of times. I got into contact with Elie about 2 and half year ago and paid the shirt straight away through WesternUnion. With 30€ it was a very good price for such a rarity. Unfortunately Elie struggled to first find the shirt for me as the FA did not want to give it away and then to send it over as post is not reliable on the islands. So it took all the 2 and half years until his dad took it over to France after he visited the Comoros to visit his family and send it over to me.
Nevertheless Elie always prooved to be reliable and answered me straight away whenever I contacted him and, in addition, he offered me to just hand back the money a couple of times.
So Elie deserves all the thanks for this absolutel gem of a shirt!

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