Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014


Montenegro vs. Sweden (1:1) | Euro 2016 qualifiers | 2014 in Montenegro
Getting this Montenegro shirt was kind of a struggle and in the end costed me 40€ and a whole holiday!
For my summer vacation I went to a 2 weeks roundtrip through the Balkans (Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania) and of course finally wanted to get an official Montenegro shirt. To get that I googled and found out that there is a shop called "Italsport Montenegro" that sells shirts in 2 stores in the center of Montenegro. Both are touristically uninteresting, but Niksic, the second biggest city of the country, was at least on our way.
So I used the first 3 holidays to convince my girlfriend to go into the city center and search for the shop. We did and in the end found out that the shop closed. Feeling how disappointed I obviously was my girlrfriend proposed to just go on to Podgorica before heading to the coastline.
So we entered Podgorica and went to the stadium (we needed nearly an hour to find it as it more looks like a shopping mall) and went to the second shop of Italsport. In fact they sold a couple of Montenegro shirt. Some fakes and this original!
As red/yellow is one of my favorite colour-combinations I absolutely love the shirt and as always Legea did a great job with all details.
Besides that I can only recommend Montenegro as a tourist destination. I shouldn't tell anybody to avoid masses of tourists entering Montenegro, but to be fair it is one of the greatest countries I have ever been to offering all from amazing canyons (Tara Canyon) to historic medieval cities like Kotor to great beaches in Budva or Bar. All this in a size that allows you to cross the whole country in 3 hours in each direction! This little country is purely and seriously gifted!

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