Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Szekely Land

Szekely Land vs. Debreceni VSC 2014
Szekely Land is a new member of ConIFA that joined during 2014 and until today only played 2 friendlies (a loss vs. Debreceni VSC and a win against Karpatya). The team is made up of "Szekler People" from "Szekely Land" an Hungarian-speaking region within Romania.
Kristof Wenczel is leading the team from the little city of Tusnafürdö in the middle of Szekely Land and is doing brilliant by keeping the FA growing and making international contacts.
When he heard that I collect football shirts he directly happily sent me a shirt of the team. Thanks a lot for that Kristof!
The shirt is made by Macron, a South American company, and is in sky blue and has golden printings. What a amazing combination!
I hope to see and personally meet Szekelyföld FA and the team soon and wish them all the best! Thanks again for the shirt!

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