Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

South Sudan

South Sudan vs. Mozambique (0:5) | AFCON 2015 qualifier, in Mozambique

South Sudan vs. Mozambique (0:0) | AFCON 2015 qualifier in Sudan
Thanks a lot to Nick for this South Sudan shirts. Nick bought the shirt directly from AMS and does stock those shirts in his own online shop now.
AMS Clothing, an Australian brand, is an amazing start-up that concentrates on equipping African "smaller" national teams and makes them easily available for fans worldwide. It was founded by another shirt collector, Luke Westcott, from Melbourne. When Luke struggled to finish his collection (as we all do) he started to print a couple of shirts on his own, which means he bought the same templates and ironed on the badges then. He also sold a couple of those professionally done replicas and thus could allow himself to found a new shirt supplier that currently equips South Sudan and also the Sierra Leone national team.
The shirt itself has a cracking design and has a shirt can have: colours, random "swooshes" and the flag. Just a great combination. The only thing that makes it a look a bit "cheap" is the print-on logo. I hope AMS chooses to iron on or glue their next logo to have an excellent shirt!

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