Samstag, 26. April 2014

St. Lucia


Saint Lucia vs. Jamaica
Finally a new shirts from the CONCACAF region again! Every of the Caribbean island shirts is rare as hell and it is always a pleasure to go a stop further in that continental zone! This St.Lucia shirt came as a gift of Daniele Ronchetti from Switzerland (thank you!). Daniele is a pin, keyring and pennant collector and thus did the same I did: He posted each single FA on this planet! Surprisingly some of the FAs, one of them St.Lucia, just sent him a shirt as a gift. As he is not that much interested in shirts and I sometimes get pennants or pins we decided to swap that. So he sent me his 3 shirts he got without asking and I sent him some other collectibles. Hopefully that brilliant symbioses will continue for a while and will help our both collections to go further! Thanks Daniele!

The shirt itself is from the supplier "Mal Skills", which somehow describes the quality of St Lucia football in a brutally good way. The design and especially the color combination is...brave. And of course I love brave designs! I have no idea from which this shirt is, but it seems to be a bit older to me. As it comes directly from the St Lucia FA I guess it is a match issue one.

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