Samstag, 26. April 2014


Alfreð Finnbogason (SC Heerenveen / Netherlands)
Iceland vs. Cyprus (0-1) | WC 2014 qualifier | 2012 in Cyprus
If I ever get asked which is my favorite FA in the world the answer will be easy: Northern European Island FAs beat them all! After getting 2 Faroe shirts from their FA as a gift earlier I know got 2 envelopes of the Iceland FA containing one shirt each!
The story to that was quite nice: I got an offer to do an exhibition of my whole collection during the 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup in Östersund. All my shirts will be exhibitioned in or nearby the stadium and will be accessible for all fans that bought a WFC ticket! So I wrote to some of the FAs I am missing an email telling them about it and asked them to fill the gap. None of those FAs ever answered to my email until today. But Iceland just decided to answer by action!
They sent me a matchworn shirt from their best ever World Cup qualification campaign for Brazil 2014, where they reached the final knock-out match, which they just lost unfortunately.
Besides they also sent me the blue shirt, which seems to be match issued.
The design is quite cool, too. But here the gesture strikes everything else!

Þakka þér frá Íslandi!
I promise I will give that shirt a special place in Östersund!

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