Samstag, 26. April 2014

Chinese Taipei

Yaki Yan (Club Deportivo El Cotillo / Spain)
Chinese Taipei 2014
This shirt is very special to me. The reason is not that is one of the last heavy to take steps to finish Asia. The reason is that I came from people who have no idea about football shirts and probably think of me as a total freak because of my collection. This shirt was a gift of my collegues in university for my birthday!
One of my collegues, Oli, contacted, through his girlfriend, a Taiwanese who works at our university. And he then contacted his relatives in Taipei and asked them to buy this shirt for me and send it to Germany.
All in all: Huge efforts was taken to bring me that special gift and my collegues spent 3 months at least to get hold of this rarity!
This I really want to thank each of them a lot! Thanks Oli, Julia, Karina, Timo and Michael. This means a lot to me and has a very special place in my collection as the first ever shirt I got from someone not at all into collecting shirts!
Thank you!

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  1. I am Paul from Malta.
    First of all, congratulations regarding your website and interesting collection.
    Please I wish to ask you the following question related with the CHINESE TAIPEI Blue Shirt:
    Is the Chinese Taipei badge embroidered?
    Thank you for your reply.