Samstag, 26. April 2014


Cantabria vs Estonia (0-1) | 2000

Thanks Jesus! Jesus Angel de Celis, a Cantabrian football enthusiast sorted out that shirt for me. This shirt never has been for sale, but I was lucky enough to find a Spanish blog of some Cantabrian fans who had interest in that shirt. Jesus decided to do a mass order for everybody and went all the way with the supplier austral to get an official replica direct out of their factory. The delivery of the shirt postponed several times, but after half a year of fighting Jesus was able to sort it out and finally sent it to me!

I do not have to mention how amazing that design is I guess. The best part of non-FIFA shirts is that those team often go "off the beaten track" in their choice of design. That was the case here definitely. Cantabria got a very unique shirt from Austral here. The shirt was used for all their two "modern time" (only since 1936!) matches ever: A 3:0 win against Latvia in 1997 and their 0:1 loss against Estonia in 2000.
Below you can see the invitation card and poster design of the latter of those matches.

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