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Macedonia vs. Albania (1:0) | friendly 2007 in Albania

As many of my regular readers and fellow collectors know I am not only a shirt collector, but also the general secretary of ConIFA, the nowadays biggest umbrella organization for football outside FIFA (
Just lately we started a blog to share interesting stories with our fans and followers. Curiously the editor of the blog had the silly idea to start his blog with a story about me and my shirt collection, which you can find here:
As always in journalism the story was adapted by other journalists. This lead to the fact that the story about my collection was published in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, more preciselise in the magazine "":
A main part of the story in Macedonia was that I still miss a Macedonian shirt and the article called his readers to help me on this step of the mission.
Well, things went crazy and the FA directly called the editor of the article and told him that the FA will donate a shirt for me. There is an article about that donation and the editor is pictured with "my" shirt here:
This shirt was then, of course as a gift, send to me. A really brilliant shirt and surely match issued, as there are still no Macedonian shirts for sale. Nevertheless I was told that they start a webshop soon!

Nearly simultaneously a reader of the article, Darko Najdovski, wrote me on Twitter. He had an old matchworn shirt from a friend, who plays for the national team. He also wanted to donate it to me, but I send him a St.Pauli shirt as a litle thank you.
So, the happy end: I do have now 2 Macedonian shirts and I am very thankful for the amazing donations! Thanks to the friendly helpfullness of the Macedonian people I do have new favorite team in Europe now ;)

UPDATE: I gave the shirt given to me by the journalist to my friend Chris and thus deleted the pictures here.

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