Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Gabon 2

Gabon vs. Togo 2002
All my thanks go to Pablo Aro Geraldes for this amazing Gabon shirt!
Especially since Patrick Emerick Aubameyang is nowadays showing the Bundesliga in Dortmund how good African players are technically and scoring I fell in love with Gabon. During their home African Cup of Nations in 2012 Aubameyang got something like a superstar in his hom country and was the hero with a couple of goals for the team!
Unfortunately their amazing campaign ended when they lost in the Quarter Finals, but I will personally never forget this remarkable tournament when Aubameyang replace Daniel Cousin as the national hero.
I really hope that we will see this technically fine and very enthusiastic team in a World Cup one day.

The shirt itself is much older than the success of Gabon in football. It is somewhere off the 90s and made by Kappa. Quite a cool design I think and very different to the others I do have already.

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