Donnerstag, 7. April 2016


Greenland national team 2015
This shirt is just wow and I am absolutely pleased getting this beauty made by Kelme. The story about this is very nice indeed as I kindly asked the general secretary of GBU if I can get a shirt of the team.
Mr. General Secretary of the GBU told me it is no problem to give me a shirt and he will ask kelme directly to send me one. Indeed, only a couple of minutes later, he wrote a message to the kelme manager for Denmark, Mr Henrik Schiermacher and copied me in.
Mr Schiermacher directly promised to help me and my collection out and indeed send me this beauty made by kelme. I am very pleased to, in this way, get my very first kelme to the collection, especially as I honestly admire Greenland and their football team a lot.
I really hope the GBU will once finally be accepted to UEFA and FIFA as they surely deserve it, having the same status as the Faroe Islands for example.

Thanks again to the general secretary of GBU and of course Mr Schiermacher for their amazing support! I will surely keep this shirt in a good place and will put it in a prominent position in further exhibitions :)

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