Freitag, 25. September 2015


Gibraltar vs. Croatia (0:4)
friendly 2015 in Croatia
 This shirt again has it all - an amazing design, it is matchworn and it comes "for free" and with an odd story!
As I am living "only" a 3h drive away from Luxembourg and took the chance and watched 2 matches of their national team - a qualifier vs. Ukraine and a friendly match vs. Turkey. Surprisingly Luxembourg lost both matches and to be fair - the football wasn't the best on both sides in both matches.
But I could see international football for a tenner and Ukraine and Turkey both brought an amazing away crowd to Luxembourg and made a great atmosphere. Against Luxembourg the Luxembourg "Ultra block" also fired a pyro and was a bit scared of that in the end :D
During one of those matches - I think the one vs. Turkey - I met Max, who is a shirt collector from Luxembourg and also works for the FA.
He asked me to give him a Belarus shirt I had with me by accident and I gave it to him asking him to send me a matchworn Luxembourg in exchange.
Somehow he struggled to get a Luxembourg shirt in my size (which was for some reason important to him, not to me, though) for more than half a year. After putting some less gentle pressure that I want my swap now he just send me that to get me quiet - and of course I was!
This is a Gibraltar matchworn shirt from the match against Croatia that Max swapped with a Croatian FA worker. So it is definitely legit and it is an absolutely beauty of a shirt!
So, after all, I thank Max for this amazing shirt that I absolutely love to add to my collection :)

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