Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic U15
CFU tournament in Sint Maarten
This Dominican Republic was quite a process to get. A collector from the Dominican Republic contacted me through this blog telling me that his dad was involved in the Dominican Republic FA and that he will get me a shirt as a swap for a Somalia shirt.
I sent him one of my Somalia shirts and the Dominican Republic shirt did not came - for about 1 and a half year. However, Gabriel, the guy from Santo Domingo, kept informing me about the current status.
First the Dominican Republic delayed the sale of national team shirts a couple of times. Then he was not in DR. Then he had problems to post it. And so on.
As I did make some bad experiences, as any collector, I started to doubt that this shirt will ever come to.
It popped up everywhere in online shops and I though about just buying one - but somehow my inner voice told me to delay until my fellow collector from the DR will stop replying (I was sure that this will happen one day).
But suddenly, Gabriel wrote me that he posted the shirt by Express to me! And indeed, it arrived shortly after that, straight from the Dominican Republic.
What followed after 2 days of shipping from Dominican Republic to Germany was 2 weeks of fighting with UPS, which ended in UPS charging me "service fees" of nearly 30€ for nothing. But, finally, I won that case and threatened to report their fraud to the police. They returned all the money to me then and let down all their requests in the end.

So, after all, I got this beauty of a shirt. It was a long fight, but it worked. I am quite happy with it and think that this design is surely one of the nicest in CONCACAF currently. However, it was not used by the A national team yet. So after waiting so long for the shirt I now need to wait on until they finally wear it in any official match. At least the U15 (see above) wore it in the meantime.
Thank you Gabriel and keep on collecting :)

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