Freitag, 25. September 2015

Germany 3

Miroslav Klose (1.FC Kaiserslautern)
Germany vs. Greece (4:2) | WC 2002 qualifiers
2001 in Greece
This shirt beats it all - at least for a German like I am!
It is a Germany shirt in the design of the worst times that I personally experienced with my glory national team. We were absolutely disgusting in the 2000 Euros and could not even beat Latvia in the group stages.
However, after that the huge change came and we went from strength to strength until we lifted the trophy of the World Cup in 2014 finally!
This chance in fact has one name: The best ever World Cup scorer, the best ever goalscorer of the German national team and the guy who could score with every single part of his body - Miroslav Klose!
When Miroslav Klose just started his career for the national team he still played for 1.FC Kaiserslautern and usually was only a substitute. He was thrown in for the first time in a World Cup 2002 qualifier match vs. Albania in which he decided the match with a 89' minute goal in his debut!
4 days later he played as a subsitute again and was thrown in against Greece when the match was still looking to go down as a draw. Minutes after he was brought in he scored the 3:2 and Germany won 4:2 in the end.
And here we are - this is the match this shirt is from! It is a matchworn shirt of exactly that match!
It came as a swap for a Belarus shirt, which is crazy, and is a very historic piece of polyester for me.
I am over the moon with that and will not loose any more words about it as this one speaks for itself.

remark: Even if it should not be worn (you never know 100% for sure) it is amazing as it is an exact copy of the matchworn one then.

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