Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Argentina 3

Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Argentina vs. Peru (3:1) | 2014 World Cup Qualifiers
2013 in Argentina
This shirt is again a huge oddity. I got this, just like the Northern Ireland shirt of Healy, from a collector in Argentina who claims that he has contacts to several kitsmen within South America.
So he sent me, as a swap, this Argentina shirt stating that it is matchworn by Gonzalo Higuain.
Unfortunately the patches are applied vice-versa! So the qualifier patch is on the left arm, not the right as it has to be according to FIFA regulations. The same is true for the Fair Play patch, which is applied on the right here.
Of course I confronted my Argentinian fellow collector with that oddity and here is his reply:
"I spoke with the kitman. The shirt was used by Erik Lamela, not Gonzalo Higuain , but Erik don´t play this match. He was the 90 min in the bench. and because the substitutes had a jacket, nobody was noticed about the patches. The kitman met some jerseys and shorts in a bag and then he gave them to me . He was shocked when I told him about the patches."

Well, ok. As I am always a sceptical mind I absolutely fail to believe that, especially as the other shirt he sent me wasn't legit as well. So, once again, I was trapped as it seems!

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