Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014


Razak Omotoyossi (FC Metz / France)
Benin vs Nigeria (0:1) | AFCON 2010 in Angola

What a shirt! I really love the pretty different designs of Airness, an African brand founded by a former boxer, and this one is particularly beatiful in my eyes. The shirt, again, came from Gregorio from Belgium. Thanks a lot for sorting that one out! He bought it directly from Airness, which made the shirt not cheap, but it was the first ever chance for me to get it, so I took it!
In fact there are only 2 players from Benin I have ever heard of: Razak Omotoyossi and Mickael Poté. The latter one is probably the best striker of the German second division side Dynamo Dresden, which is good enough for such a small country like Benin.
The other fact I early learned about the Benin national team is there martial nickname: "Les Ecureuils", which means "The squirrels". I am sure this nickname gives them the maximal respect inside Africa and the world. I can imagine that the indomptable lions of Cameroon must be in fear of the little cute squirrels...

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