Samstag, 9. November 2013


Nepal vs Timor Leste (5:0) | WC 2014 qualifier | 2011 in Timor-Leste
If you read my blog regularly you might be confused by my last updates as I said before I am focussing on Asia these days. Well, sometimes some shirt pop up, I got a couple of pennies left and just fall in love. That is how I get most shirts I buy :D
This one is in my plans again. Again all thanks go to Nick for storing this one for ages for me. It is 100% official and is a very boring plain design.
Anyways, it has the only non-rectangular flag on it, which is fair enough!
In addition it now makes my new tool on the homepage, the FIFA overview world map above, look great as it fills a "hole". I am honestly also looking for cheap Russia, USA, Canada and Mexico shirts now to make the map look "more complete", even if it is just a silly optical trick.

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