Samstag, 9. November 2013


Libya vs. Ivory Coast (0:2) | WC 2006 qualifiers
2004 in Ivory Coast
This Libya shirt should be from the Ghaddafi-era as it is the classic green design Libya wore that time.
Unfortunately I did not find a picture of that shirt in use and I somehow have the feeling it is a fan shirt or fake. It was sold via and the seller ripped me off by charging me 20 Euro for shipment. He told me that this is the cheapest Italian service to send 100g inside the EU. I really hope for every Italian out there that this is a lie!

I will not stop searching for Libya shirt as this one is questionable. Nevertheless I have one in my collection now and according to all the troubles it brought to get any I am happy with that... for now.


  1. From Belgium, it would cost 12,90€ + 5€ + 1,20 to send a shirt + tracking n° + package.

    Not such a surprising price, unless you're going for the cheapest way possible, then it'd be like 12.90€.

    Italy's always expensive on ebay, to my experience.