Samstag, 9. November 2013


Gilles Bettmer (SV Eintracht Trier / Germany)
Luxembourg vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (0:3)
Euro 2012 qualifier | 2010 in Luxembourg
Luxembourg shirts once have been rare and expensive. I have been to Luxembourg city for about 20 times in my life and even there it was pretty hard to get hold of one. Only one shop outside the center sold them for about 80 Euro. At some point in history this 2011-2012 suddenly popped up everywhere for cheap. Obviously I had to grab it as you never know for sure if it changes again.
The shirt is quite a classic and simple red Jako design. The cool thing, in my eyes, is the logo. I love the simple FLF logo. Too bad it does not have some words in the funny "language" called Letzeburgisch written on it.
I am still absolutely up to visit the team live as I am only living like 2 hours away from LUX. So probably I will go to see them live, preferably agains Moldova or Andorra, one day. Now I can equip good enough for that finally.

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