Samstag, 27. April 2013


Sopha Saysana (Nong Khai FC / Thailand)
Laos vs. Indonesia (2:2) | friendly 2012

Somehow I realized that I am nearly finished with Asia and thus I decided to work on Asian shirts again. I think the most hard to get shirts are already hanging in my wardrobe with Turkmenistan, Macau and Bhutan and thus I think there is a good chance to finish my first Continental Federation pretty easy and soon.
The first shirt I bought on this way is this great Laos shirt ! It came for just 23,02€ + 7,67€ for shipment from a seller in Thailand. I chose the name and number printed version which was just slightly more "expensive".
The design is really awesome ! Again FBT did a brilliant job with this shirt !

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