Dienstag, 9. April 2013


Alderney vs. Jersey (1:4) | Muratti Vase 2006

I got this amazing matchworn Alderney shirt from the Alderney national team player Andy Lawrence. Thanks a lot to him for sending me this shirt as a gift. Besides I need to thank Ed Stubbs for putting me in contact with him ! I really appreciate your help. This way my non-FIFA collection is steadily growing luckily.
I really love the advertise print , too: Bavaria Holland Beer ? Is it in Bavaria or in Holland ? Or is it from Matt Holland from Ireland who opened a brewery in Bavaria ? Or is it just a beer from China which tries to find a fancy name that sells better than "Huangzhou China Beer" ? Many open questions. If anybody knows this strange beer please give me a hint where it comes from ;)

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