Freitag, 6. April 2012


Miguel Rebosio (UD Almeria / Spain)
Peru vs. Argentina (0:1) | Copa America 2004 in Peru

I got this lovely matchworn Peru shirt from my friend Cristian Castillo. He is a Peruvian who lives in the USA and he somehow hated my old Peru shirt. So he decided to send me this beauty Walon shirt as a gift. Thank you so much Cristian ! Quiero el camiseta mucho !
It was pretty hard to find a nice picture of Miguel Rebosio playing in a number 3 Peru shirt. If you search his name on google you find thousands of pictures like this instead:
I have no idea what kind of show he attended there, but it looks quite stupid :P


  1. Cool shirt man...i like your other peru shirt with the world cup badge aswell..ive made my first uploads to my blog and will be uploading more later. what shirts are you looking for at the moment?

  2. Hey man. I mite be interested in a chad shirt. i will let u know soon as, ive not currently got a paypal acount but will open one in the next couple of days. I see you already have one but the current Wales shirts are now £10. If your interested let me know. Cheers

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  4. I have a Bolivia jersey for trade for the Peru long sleeve if you want? Thanks