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Madagascar vs. Ethiopia (0:1) | AFCON 2012 qualifiers | 2010 in Madagascar

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the most amazing shirt of my collection so far !
I got this great shirt from a Madagascan player as a birthday present.
There are some facts that make this shirt really unique and amazing:

1. It is a matchworn shirt of the WC Qualifier match against Botswana. This was the only match where Madagascar ever wore this red Puma shirt as far as I know. As you can see on the picture there is a WC Qualifier 2010 badge on the shirt. In the last picture you can see the team wearing it.

2. As far as I know I am the first collector who ownes a Madagascar shirt. I have never seen a Madagascar shirt in any collection, on ebay or somewhere else. Not even oldfootballshirts.co.uk has any single picture of a Madagascar shirt. I will pass another Madagascar shirt I have to Nick soon to help him to complete his mission. Maybe those two shirts are the only ones that ever made his way to Europe !

3. The shirt is not only matchworn but signed ! It is signed from the guy who sent it to me: Mamisoa Razafindrakoto (do not annoy him now, he does not have any more shirts!). He was not only the captain of the Madagascan national team, but he is somehow a world famous legend ! He took part (of course as the captain) in a pretty historic match ! His team lost 0-149 in the Madagascan championship final ! All 149 goals where own goals by his team and he scored some of them, too. As an act of protest they decided to boycott the game on this way. After the match Mamisoa got banned for the rest of the season of course. Anyways the match is still recorded by the Guiness book as the highest win and most own goals of all times !
More details about the story are on Wikipedia: Article

I think there is just a single word I should say to Mamisoa now: THANKS !
This was probably the best birthday present I ever got of a guy I do not even know personally ! You are really fantastic !

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