Freitag, 13. April 2012


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Seychelles vs. Tanzania | Youth match

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce another rarity ! ;)
This wonderful Seychelles shirt is probably from 2006, as they used it in their match agains Tanzania as you can see on the above picture. Especially the badge of the FA is really lovely. I also love a lot that there is number 23 printed on the back.
I got this really hard to get shirt from my friend Kidd Lavigne. Kidd is a Seychellois who lives near Stuttgart and has a travel agency specialized on the Indian Ocean. So if you are interested in visiting this wonderful piece of earth watch his homepage:
I had the chance to visit the near island of "La Reunion" twice in my short life and I am sure that I will go to the Seychelles someday as this area of the world was the most impressing to me so far !
Thanks again to Kidd who had to work about half a year now to get this shirt which is, even on the Seychelles, really hard to get. I really appreciate your help Kidd !

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  1. Awesome shirt man.
    Prehaps you could help me. ive just uploaded a Ghana away shirt. ive only just noticed but on the label it reads 'authentic italia product' where as on all my other african shirts it reads 'authentic africa product'. do u think this is a fake shirt? if so its a realy good copy. cheers