Mittwoch, 28. März 2012


Unknown Players
Malawi vs. Kenya (2:2) | WC 2014 qualifiers | 2013 in Malawi
This Malawi beauty came again from Joe and I really love this design. The flame on the shirt symolizes the teams nickname "The Flames". Many teams were burnt by the flames in the last years but Malawi did not qualify (unfortunately) for the last CAN 2012. As always I am pretty happy to get another African shirt, as this is still my favorite part of the footballing world !


  1. Awesome coolction u in the process of making a blog myself although im a bit stuck on how to list open and closed page links down the side of the page. its probably obvious but if u could explain how its done it would be much apreciated. cheers

  2. Thanks alot! that was a great help...One more question tho. How do i change the shirts of the nations i have into links and alter the colours of links acordingly. thanks for being patient with me.

    This Malawi shirt is amazing by the way! i watched it on ebay and it eventualy sold (not to me unfortunatly)for 54pound.

  3. Thats brilliant mate! thanks alot for taking the time to help me out. ive just joined your forum. hopefully we can help eachother in reaching our goal. i didnt realise there was so many people collecting international shirts. ive been collecting club shirts, but i currently have around 15 international shirts wich i will post up in the coming days. if you know of anyone selling rarer shirts that cant be found on ebay let me know and prehaps i can offer them a reasonable price. thanks again for your help! Rich