Freitag, 27. November 2015

Slovenia 4

Mladen Rudonja (Portsmouth, England)
Slovenia vs. Spain (1:3) | WC 2002 in Japan and South Korea
2002 Slovenia made its very first experience in a major tournament, when they played in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea. This shirt was actually worn in a friendly before that great tournament and was probably used by Mladen Rudonja, who also wore the #13 during the tournament.
This shirt came to me as a swap for a Romania matchworn shirt from my Slovenian friend Sinisa from the Slovenian city of Izola. I honestly hope to meet him soon in Izola or nearby Ljubljana as Slovenia is the country my fiancé is dreaming of to visit a lot.
I informed myself about the country and am now also very very keen to visit the sunny side of the alps asap!

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