Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Panama 3

Panama vs. Honduras (1:3) | WC 2002 qualifiers | 2000 in Honduras
This is my third Panama shirt now. Unfortunately, like the very first one, thee are serious doubts about its legitimacy. This one came as a swap and I was told that this is a matchworn shirt. However, the "0" of the print on the back is, as you can see on the match picture, wrongly applied.
Furthermore, the badge is much smaller than it seems on the match picture. And last but not least, and worst, my shirt has a name applied, while all pictures and videos I found clearly showed that they never had their names on the shirts.
So, I am afraid, I was again tricked. However, the shirt is still amazing and I would be more than happy if I just bought a legit replica!

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