Sonntag, 29. September 2013


Vietnam team before unknown match

As said before I am looking to finish Asia as my first continent. And to be the first collector (probably) ever finishing all Asian shirts. With this shirt I am doing another step to reach that goal. This remarkable shirt came from and cost me just 10,17€ + 12€ for shipment. That is quite a nice price for a Vietnam shirt in general. In addition this one might even be matchworn or match prepared. At least it has a ASEAN Cup badge (and a Vietnam logo inside the numbering). Just in general the shirt is quite a nice one even though it is not comparable to the nice design they are wearing nowadays.

I quite like teams that play with their nations flag on the chest instead of a FA logo. It symbolises commitment to the nation and not to any organization in a very special way in my eyes. Nevertheless number 7 on the picture above seems to not love his country that much. At least he does not have the flag on the shirt. Quite bizarre they were not able to stitch one on his shirt for an official ASEAN match!


  1. Hi. We are shocked and amazed by your collection of shirts. If you wan, you can find us on Facebook by the name "Tienda Dragón Celeste". We are collectors ourselves and We do sell shirts from all over the world. Maybe you can find something from your interest. Regards,

    Renzo Salazar

  2. Hi my friend. I’m Vietnamese and I’m really interested in this shirt. So, impolitly, might I have a question that can you sell it for me please.

    If yes, please DM me via email address :