Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Tamil Eelam

Tamil Eelam - Tynwald Hill International Football Tournament 2013
On Isle of Man

 This is the first ever design from the Tamil Eelam FA which was used during 2012 and 2013. Thus this design was worn during the VIVA World Cup in Kurdistan and they wore it on the Isle of Man during the Tynwald Hill International Football Tournament.
As I am nowadays on a voluntary basis as the General Secretary of ConIFA (, an organization caring of non-FIFA football, I have been invited to the Isle of Man to attend the tournament and to attend the foundation meeting of ConIFA. Thus I also met the Tamil Eelam team and all their staff and their team manager Ragesh was so friendly to gift me that wonderful and beautiful shirt.
I really absolutely love the design of the shirt as Red/Yellow is quite an uncommon color combination.
Here you can see the Tamil Eelam team that went to the Tynwald Hill International Football Tournament on the Isle of Man:

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